Easy Ground Turkey & Broccoli Frittata

I love quiche, but they aren’t a favorite of my kids.  My kids love omelets, but those are a hassle to make for a large crowd and so the perfect middle ground is the FRITTATA!   A modified type of crustless quiche, frittatas are amazing versatile, protein rich and a great was to slip veggies into your diet.
This version is really light since it doesn’t include any cheese and it uses ground turkey instead of ground beef to cut down on the fat. I also don’t use ALL whole eggs but instead use egg whites for some of the eggs.

Putting this frittata together is pretty straight forward.   Brown the ground turkey and steam the broccoli, add it to an oiled oven safe skillet (cast iron works best, but I like my non-stick anodized aluminum as well.

Combine the eggs and milk and pour that mixture over the turkey and broccoli.  Cook over medium heat on the stove until the eggs are *just* set but still jiggle slightly.  Finish it off in the oven until the top is browned (I like to use the broiler to get a nice crust on the top)

You can serve immediately, This recipe is great because it reheats so well.  I actually like it more on the second day. 

Easy Turkey and Broccoli Frittata

January 5, 2018
: 4-6
: Easy

Faster than quiche, this simple skillet frittata featuring ground turkey and steamed broccoli is protein rich, gluten free and paleo friendly. You could add cheese or substitute kale or spinach. So much flexibility!


  • 1 cup cooked ground turkey
  • 1 cup broccoli (steamed)
  • 6 eggs (or substitute 2 egg whites per 1 egg)
  • 3 Tbsp milk
  • 1/2 tsp garlic powder
  • 1/4 tsp crushed red pepper flakes (optional)
  • 1 tsp salt
  • 1/2 tsp ground pepper
  • Step 1 Preheat oven to 350°
  • Step 2 Over medium low heat, add oil to an oven safe 10 inch skillet and add turkey and broccoli.
  • Step 3 In a bowl whisk together eggs, milk and seasonings.
  • Step 4 Pour egg mixture over broccoli and turkey and cook (without stirring) until edges begin to brown and the middle just begins to set. Approximately 3-5 minutes.
  • Step 5 Transfer skillet to oven and bake until completely set and top is slightly browned. About 12-15 minutes.

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