12 Kid Friendly Freezer Meals

There is nothing worse than a day of running around and coming home to the question “What is for dinner mom?”  Especially if your kids are picky eaters, whipping up a meal at the last minute can be such a pain.  One answer to this is the “freezer meal.”  I consider it a homemade alternative to a TV dinner or frozen entree.  You can prepare these meals in advance and then just cook or heat and serve. 

12 Kid Friendly Freezer Meal Ideas
All of these recipes can be made in advance and frozen, which means a lot less stress when you have to get dinner on the table.  They also have kid friendly ingredients like pasta or hamburger, which tend to be okay with most kids.  Obviously, your children’s tastes may vary, but any of these recipes can be modified for your dietary or taste preferences!
Kid friendly Freezer Make Ahead Meals. Busy moms love easy and fast recipes that are waiting in the freezer

12 Kid Friendly Make Ahead Freezer Meals

Bacon Ranch Pasta

Freezer Meatballs

Make Ahead Fajita Kit

Baked Ziti Freezer Mea

The perfect make ahead freezer meal - Shepherd's Pie | 365daysofeasyrecipes.com

Freezer Taquitos


Freezer Mac and Cheese

Pizza Pockets


Chicken Parm


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